Day 324: 12 o Clock

12oclockWhen the clock strikes 12, thus the end of a spell and we celebrate for getting through another year of hell.

Praise God, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad, then at 12:01 we again rebel, even though we just Re-Sold the Solution, in exchange for a bottle of Bubbly to lift our spirits when things get ugly.

All the Mayhem, the Conflict, gone for one night or just until after 12 am, then back to the fight.

One more round please, as another year to do it all over again, because remember we were raised in iniquity and born in sin.

I swear by the hair on my chinny chin chin, I will change I promise, just show me where to begin. The once a year commitment I always make, but when death comes knocking; “Oh you’ve made a mistake”.

The only mistake that’s made is every year when it reaches 12 o Clock, where half the world is still hungry and homeless, some sleeping on your block, but you see them as peasants, bug a boo’s, roaches and thieves, here to take away your riches and your thirst for greed, I mean is it possible that we treat them like a disease, because when they’re around we feel so guilty?

It’s 2016 and the world hasn’t ended yet, haven’t you realize it’s just to scare you to death, to keep you busy consuming yourself, to death do us part or until there’s nothing left.

But the fact of the matter is all the time we waste, building up ourselves to reach this day, in hopes that we’ll be saved and leave this place, I mean please somebody “Calgon take me away!”

It’s back to the drawing board, no brushes or paint, just the thoughts in my mind with the pictures so faint, leave me alone, I’m trying to think, the same mentality that got us here in the first place.

You would think that we’ve learned from our mistake in history, but instead we try and keep them hidden away as a mystery, which then turns into misery and we’ll feel it in the end, if you haven’t felt it already, not to worry your time is coming my friend.

So at 12 o Clock when the clock strikes 12, let’s work on creating a New Heaven on earth, instead of living in this same old Hell.

Happy New Years!!!


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