Day 321: Contorted Message

Contorted-MessageYou really have to watch what you say to some people, because if what you say is not clear, they will take what you said and contort it, in front of other people, why’ll adding in their version to make it seem as if they made it up, why’ll (again) trying to make you look good at the same time, but in the end it all comes out the wrong way and at times, taken as an insult (although it’s not about them in particular) or a threat. Just as the saying goes; You say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomato’.

So the question is, why is it so hard for us to comprehend simple words explained in/with common sense? One reason for this is, the spewing of knowledge and information, where the person in question wants to be seen as all-knowing in the eyes of others and you dare not correct them in public or else, you’re opening up another can of worms (per se). Fascinatingly enough, if they are caught jumbling their words, they’ll either blame it on you, that you told them, where you then would have to explain yourself or they’ll ask for our help/clarification (which is fairly unlikely) on what you simply said to them as common sense, and you still will have to explain what you said and the funny part about it is, once you clarify what was said, (for their listening ears only) they’ll then jump right back in and assume the lead role in the conversation again, to where they left off and continue spewing their (attention getting based) bullshit. Within that I could see how I have been one of those talkers that wanted my voice to be heard, no matter what I talked about.

Nine times out of ten, what we’re talking about, we’ve picked up bits and pieces out of books, the media, remnants of conversations with other, where we would then filter the entire conversation we had with someone and only keep what interest our self and call this keeping what’s good, to suit our self-interest.

So the other day I was with someone and was having a conversation with them about our private life, growing up, why’ll driving to someone’s house and once we got there and settled in, to make a long story short, this person (within a conversation with someone else) opened up and used what I had said to them, as an example within the conversation that I overheard, I mean it didn’t get to the extreme as I had mentioned before, but opened up the point of a Contorted Message, where I could see them as myself, as to how I have been in that same position within my life, where I would take what others have said to me (or what I’ve read) and contort it, but at the time I didn’t say anything or react in anyway and watch the conversation then change, to talking about, how some of the smartest people in the world, lacked common sense and as any normal conversation, there was no question asked as to why this is and for a moment the room became silent and that’s when I said “Would you like to know the reason why this is” and the response was “Yes” at which time I simply explained how we as humanity have gotten so used to spewing Knowledge and Information without living it, without living what we speak about, so all the knowledge and information we “learn”/come across, we just retain and don’t live it. What I said was accepted as common sense by all and also made somewhat of a point, as to what I am writing about, Contorted Messages.

What I see/realize/understand is that, if I would have reacted (initially) to what this person had repeated what I told them, that would have been too much, because I would have opened a can of worm, going the opposite way, into conflict, away from directing the situation/conversation effectively, but instead the solution presented itself, where the conversation then took a turn to where I was able to make a point and leave the air calm.

Without taking the FREE Online Course, DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite), I would still be in the conflict, that I created with this person, if I didn’t learn how to be patient and wait for the solution to preset itself, at the appropriate time, so the saying “Timing is Everything”, does count for something, only if you take the time to investigate yourself by starting HERE.

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