Day 315: What If

What-ifWhat if you woke up and realized that you were God all along, but had just abdicated your responsibility to life, because that’s all you were taught and couldn’t remember anything else, that at the beginning of time you implanted a God program chip inside your Mind, as a reminder of who you are, but instead you forgot and started worshipping the God implant, that You put in your Mind and went through your entire life doing fucked up shit and only after you died, did you remember that there is nothing out there that’s greater than you, so when you look at something in marvel you’re just realizing yourself all over again as you?

If What is true, then you know who you are really, but instead look down on yourself in pity. Think about the many time you had time to reflect, but didn’t understand the picture that you were seeing, so turned the other cheek and couldn’t believe it, when you saw yourself as this your creation, that to you looked like some magic spell that a magician was making. The thought of “is this fake” over shadowed it being real, so we bury it in our minds purposely as we veil, the truth of who we are with every thought that we think, that created what we see and what we believe to be.

What if the freedom that we seek, really came with a price, for all the lies that we’ve spewed and all the lives that we’ve screwed, of people barely surviving, just trying to get by, who robs, steal and connive, just trying to live life? What if it only takes a moment to realize what we’ve done, to correct and change this world, so that we’ll all be as one and live as God equally in respect for all life, in respect for one other, no longer just to survive?

What if we lived in a world, where no one had to starve, where no child wanted for anything and we all was super stars and didn’t have to drive cars and knew who we are, as all as one as equal, where no separation existed, I mean we can fix this, by making the right decisions, there is a tremendous job ahead of us, so why not start today, starting with ourselves and change our EVIL ways, to LIVE every day as if it was our last, because waiting for time to pass, only makes things worst, For real, you can really find yourself, without a Church, and become an example of the Practice it takes to change oneself, and if you get stuck in the process, just ask for help (a note to myself), instead of worrying about what’s said, I mean I’m tired of the same old shit going around in my head.

What if, we all got tired of being stuck at the same time, the corruption of these times and always changing our minds and wanted to redefine, the words that we live by, to create a new world where no one had to die, and all was simplified, no complexities of the mind, where no fear exist, no problem, no risk, this would be heaven on earth, not a theory or a myth, but at last we would live life in a peaceful bliss.

Take your time to Investigate all things and keep that which is good, starting HERE.


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