Day 311: Before Hand

BEFORE-HANDBefore I hand myself over to my mind, I commit myself to stopping my thoughts. Before I make any plans, I commit myself to investigate.

Before I participate in any conversation, I commit myself to introspection, to see if there is any movements of emotions or feelings coming up within and as me.

Before I blame someone or something for what I’ve apparently done to myself, I commit myself to taking responsibility, because it’s me, it’s always been me, this I can now see.

Before I get angry inside, I commit myself to opening my eyes and back tracking the thought from where it derived, where did it come from, what have I allowed, where did it all start, when and how. Then releasing myself from this anger possession and learn from my mistakes as another life’s lesson.

Before I say that I can do this and that, I commit myself to see where my starting point is at. And if it what’s best for all and not out of self-interest, I commit myself to completing the mission.

Before I go searching seeking for companionship, I commit myself to handing over to me, what I think I’m missing. I forgive myself for all the time I didn’t listen, to myself saying you’re making the wrong decision.

Before I think that I’ve got it all figured out, I commit myself to shutting my mouth and listening to what others are saying, then humbling myself, if I expect to change. I forgive myself for thinking life’s a game, it’s not to be played with, but obtained.

Before I go to judge other for what I just perceived, I commit myself to realizing that I’m only judging me. I’m only projecting my faults, for all the world to see, the manifestation of a thought, which then falls back on me.

Before I, once again, with my hands create a mess, I commit myself to creating only, only what’s best, for me and you and all life, I commit to stopping my mind. I commit to taking every word, I use to redefine, my life my world and reality, the way I do things, to where in time, I’ll walk, live and say only what I mean.

Before I fall into temptation and led myself astray, I commit myself to being Here every moment of the day. Before I let my want’s/need’s and desire’s do me in, I commit myself to nothingness and starting over again, but this time with the foresight in seeing everything as me and making sure that everything I do is of oneness and equality.

It’s the little things that we forget to do before hand, that will and can make a difference in our lives, I mean for me, I would always just jump into things and not consider what I was getting myself into, as per all of the above (and some), but what I realize is that, it only takes a split second to slow yourself down, breathe and see what’s in front of you with clarity and thus in doing so, you’ll be able to make a sound decision. So for this; I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to slow myself down and breathe beforehand, to be able to see what’s in front of me with clarity and make a sound decision, in whether to or not participate in the things I have.

I commit myself to following my commitment statements that I wrote, Before Hand.


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