Day 310: Let’s Forget about what just Happened

Lets-forget-about-what-just-happenedThe way the News broadcast works is the same way our minds work, where with the News, it will tell you and/or show you something tragic and 2 second later, how about that sports catch of the week, as in saying; “Let’s forget about what just happened and move on to something happier. The same as how the mind operate, where, you’ll have a realization about something that you’ve done, that you need to work on within yourself and not a second after your realization, a happy thought of sorts will come up within and as you of something you recently did or is going to do in the near future, (sort of like a future projection) and/or a feeling of cockiness will come up, thinking that you got something down, that’ll make you forget about what you just realized and the shit you was in, which then makes it easier for us to repeat the same old pattern and wake up in the next moment, as if you just had Déjà Vu or something. I mean for real, what about the portrayal of humbleness you just had? Evidently that just went right out the window (gone), when you decided to follow your mind in telling you; “Let’s forget about what just happened”, “Hear look at this”.

This is an interesting point because, I’ve seen this happen throughout my life plenty of time before, especially within relationships, friendship or partnership, where you or someone that you’re in a relationship with, will do something to one another and after some time pass by, the subject will come back up again and we’ll then say; “Let’s forget about what just happened” or a good one is; “It’s in the past, let it go” or “That’s old shit, why you still dwelling on it”? In any case what is not realized is, if it comes up again, then a resolve was not effectively met, so in essence letting things lie, doesn’t mean that it’ll just go away, but stored, harbored suppressed within us, which causes internal conflict, which would then be perpetuated externally towards others and then on a global scale.

Forgetting means; For it to Get worst and worsen, if there is no self-correction/change, this is how thing on this earth have went to shit at a rapid pace of time, because of us momentarily forgetting about what just happened and/or hiding, suppressing what just happened with the next happier moment/thought, coming up, though throughout time and history shows that every time we forget about what just happened, without correcting our mishaps, things then happen again and each time gets worst and worsen to what we experience today and call this the “good life”, (Well if this good, then imagine what the bad “will” be like, as we sprint towards our own self-destruction).

Self-Correction is the only plausible, commonsensical answer to the patronized problem we have individually and collectively as a whole, that exist within us and in our world and reality of, forgetting about what just happened. It starts with self here, where if we no longer let things go by in our minds, in forgetting about what just happened, as in the thoughts/feeling/emotions that comes up, that makes us forget about our realizations, and apply the necessary corrections that’s needed, if we each individually do that then, we all will have a chance at life, to becoming life and creating “a really good life” that is best for all.

I mean it’s easy to forget about things in the moment, but watch them come back and haunt you later on in life, inevitably, then again it’s also easier to correct things in the moment, that you see coming up within and as you, that when correctly corrected, will not rear its head again, meaning, we’ll be one correction, one person closer, towards changing/correcting the way life is lived as a whole, on this earth, in our world and reality and this existence. Join the Change at

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