Day 307: Face

0-Face“Ah, don’t let it touch my face”. “Get it off of my face”. “I got a pimple on my face, now I can’t go”. “How will I be able to face people, when my face looks like this”? “What’s wrong with your face”? “Fix you face boy, straighten up here”. “it’s written all over your face, you don’t have to say a word”. (DRAMATICALLY) “Look at my face, do you see me smiling”? I got to put my face on, just one minute”. “How do I look, is there anything on my face”? “Honey your face looks fine, now come on let’s go, just one minute please, Ok I’m ready, how do I look”?

Then we look in the mirror and can’t face ourselves, because we can’t figure out who it is that we are looking at, so we then turn away and cross our fingers, run out into the world, hoping that the world won’t see the Blemish in our minds.

Now what does all of these saying/terminology have in common? The acceptance and allowance of a presentation of ourselves outside of who self is, because at this point who we really are, hasn’t been realized or understood, so within our face we hide or try and hide the fact that we’ve never been real to ourselves, so we give ourselves a face and say we’re separate, because we are too scared to face ourselves, too scared to embrace ourselves, in fact we act as if we hate ourselves, which is an act, perpetuated by our minds.

Imagine if we all had a room full of faces and before you went out anywhere, you put the face on in relation to where you’re going and who you’ll meet and when you got back home you took off the face and hung it up back in this closet room, but cleaned it off to be able to wear the next time you went somewhere.

In essence this is what we are/have been doing our entire lives, where we first create the face out of fear and judgment, in the service of others, then we polish up/fine tone the face as our character, in using specific mannerisms from our walk and talk with words, making sure we don’t say the wrong thing that would cause a Blemish on our face/character in any way, then we go out and “Show Face” to see if it is acceptable to the world and if it’s not, we go and re-invent ourselves/our face and do this repeatedly over and over again, until we find the right face that fits in almost every situation and call this our personality, then believe this personality to be who we are, but it’s not, it’s a False Attempt at (C) = Self Expression.

Face it, have you ever been in control of how you look, better yet, have you ever look at how you are being controlled, by the thoughts in your mind, that tells you that who you are is not presentable, so you need to change your face, I mean a thought is such a limited representation of who you really are, being that changing your face doesn’t change your inherent nature, but only further mask the truth behind the mask you call your face, of who you have become throughout your life time, why’ll amassing many different faces, to the amount of excuses you have to not face yourself.

“Read my Text, No New faces”, looks familiar, like the saying ‘Read my lips, No New taxes” with the illusion of grandeur in saying, “I won’t change on you”, but if I do, its within my nature to, so “Excuse” me; is found in every form of relationship that exist today, where we think we’re meeting one person, with the face they/we put on, but when our self-interest is disrupted, they/we change faces.

Think of these faces as your material possessions, that possesses you when you put them on, I mean “can you see me now”, Where are you, because we’re definitely not present, but wrapped in a present and presented as the artificial self we’ve created our self to be, as this face.

I had to get real with myself, where I couldn’t stand the face I had become, but didn’t see until I got tired of holding my face in my hand and saw the imprint/the impact/the toll, these faces were having on my life. It’s funny how when it’s too late (to an extent) we then choose to wake up and realize one thing or another, after we’ve lost our attachments to the faces as masks we held onto for so long.

The correction process is to release yourself from the fear and judgment we hold within ourselves, and perpetuate onto others, but in fact this fear of loss and judgment is self-based, where we’re actually judging ourselves for separating ourselves into too many faces and have gotten lost in the translation, from who we really are.

This, I have realized in a short period of time of walking my process from Consciousness to Awareness, which started when I DARED to go HERE, and for this I am extremely grateful.


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