Day 306: Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingWhat is it that you have to be thankful for, is it because you’re alive and chose to be here, then on this day eating a turkey as your next of kin, then after you finish you turn the game on, and sit in your chair that you call your throne, then you dose off why’ll eating a snack, because you THINK that it’s the food, but in FACT, it’s what you thought about and filled your head with, that your belly digested in, and all the why’ll you keep forgetting to tell what matters to thank you again.

I mean, what is it really that you’re thankful for, is it that your team got the highest score, or that Christmas is around the corner or the mailman at the front door? But wait a minute, I give thanks for everything I got, for my house and family, to the car in my garage, I mean it’s called survival and I see it as a game; well yes it is about survival, but we also have to change.

So again ask yourself what are you really thankful for, more than material possessions, more than catholic confession, more than the illusion of counting your blessing, more than thinking and believing that you need to be saved, more than the reality of being trapped and enslaved.

Take a look around you, go outside and go for a walk, are you thankful for what you see, or does it just all look the same, I mean do anything standout, besides the thoughts in your brain. This is not to nag or to say what’s wrong or right, it’s just to shed light on the things we don’t like and most of the time we forget to say thanks to, like the air that you breathe, and that chair that supports you, the trees and the Bees and all forms of life, the sun in the day and the moon at night.

Are you thankful when you get out of bed and able to stand up, are you thankful for the running water in your sink and the cup that you use to have a drink. It’s the little things in life that we forget to be thankful for, like the things that the Earth provides freely that we somehow ignore and turn around and sell them for money to each other, as if we created it to sell in separation from one other, to each other and then say be thankful for what you got, in disregard for life that we have seemed to forgot, is us, that’s who we are, so why not respect yourself, introspect yourself, then learn how to correct yourself.

The illusion is being thankful for/to something you can’t see, that we think will come and save us and set us free, because we’ve trapped ourselves in a corner and looking for a way out, without realizing that first we have to take responsibility for the way this world turned out.

Being thankful in a way is saying I appreciate you and if the appreciation is not based out of self-interest it’s the truth.

How about you, are you Thankful only on this day, when the other 364 days seem so far away, why is only this Day, a special occasion of thanks, when everyday should be the same, but for most it ain’t, I mean most of the world don’t have it as good as we do, that’s why a change is needed that will be best for me and you. The most simplistic words are what’s best for all, but the words we live by is divided we fall and still haven’t learn till this day and keep forgetting, that in reality everyday should be a Thanksgiving.

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