Day 305: Shifting Gears (A climate for giving up or Change)

Shifting-GearsOk so the other day, I took a bike ride to go visit a family member that stays quite a way’s from where I live, now I’ve done this ride plenty of times before, where on the last stretch of the ride, it’s about a mile or so uphill ride and each time, I would do this stretch on the highest/hardest gear there is, on my bike and the way that I would make it up each time was to view this last stretch as in me walking my process, where I would tell myself ok treat this like your process and if you give up or stop that means you’ll give up or stop in your process and so each time I would end up making it all the way and when I got there I would feel a sense of accomplishment, so I got pretty use to doing this, where each time I would go there, I knew what was in stored and what I had to do to make it and made it up the hill every time with no problem. I mean it worked.

Fast forward now to the other day, it’s been a while since I’ve taken this bike ride and on this particular day, it was super windy and once I got to the last stretch part, my mind immediately said; “Oh no you’re not going to be able to make it this time, because the wind was too strong and that I should wait for the next bus”, where I road one block and was on the verge of complying with what my mind was presenting as an easy route out, where ok it would have been ok for me to do that and take the next bus, but I then realized my process and although it would be tremendously hard to do, I did the unthinkable and told myself that this was my process and I had to make it. I continued, but I knew that I wouldn’t make it on the highest/hardest gear, so I then shifted gears in between to the mid and lower gears to keep going, where it made it easier when the wind was at its strongest to where I was almost at a standstill during the ride, but I persisted and at times the wind would die down and the ride would become easier for a moment and I would shift back into the highest/hardest gear and then at times again, the wind would come back in full blow and I would shift back into the mid or lower gears and did this the whole way there, without giving up or stopping and so I had a realization.

I realized that this is exactly how my process is set up, where I’m sure that there will be those extreme time when the ‘wind” (per se) is blowing to the point as in a situations coming up that will challenge me into almost wanting to give up/in or stop, but all I need to do is to Shift Gears and adjust with the climate, in remaining stable, to not give up or in, but get through the point (the wind) p.s., to be able to experience Change for real.

In having such a realization why’ll experiencing the physical interpretation of what I was realizing, in real time, made it easier to get through this last mile or so stretch and arrive at a family member house in pretty much a record time considering the wind.

What this showed me is that I am up for the challenges that my process will bring and although I might be taken to the breaking point of wanting to give up/in, to remain steadfast and persistent in what I’m doing and at the most challenging times, to stop and breathe and take a step back (Shift Gears), adjust to whatever the situation calls for, but to stay within the parameters of What’s best for all life, and I will get through it, to the point of being able to experience Change for real and expressing myself to my fullest utmost potential.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that I’ve gotten to a point in my process, where I don’t experience resistance or have conquered resistance in some way or another, that’s not possible, but what is possible is the realization that you are able to walk through the resistance you experience to where each time you walk through it, I know for a fact that it becomes easier, but it hasn’t always been this way.

What I do know for sure is that, as in anyone’s life, challenges will come, but what I’ve learned the hard way is, first off, to realize that I’ve created these challenges for myself and the understanding of it being my creation, I should know how to get through these challenges in which I have created, so again giving up/in shouldn’t be an option, when all you have to do, when the road gets ruff, is to Shift Gears and adjust to the climate of Change to be able to experience Change in the long run. Meaning, stick with it until it’s done and that’s what I realized.

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2 Responses to Day 305: Shifting Gears (A climate for giving up or Change)

  1. anthonyfield says:

    Awesome Carlton. Thank you for sharing!

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