Day 302: Weighing All my Options

weighing-all-my-optionsFirst off the only option we have, is to clean up the mess up that we made to this world and existence as a whole, there is no other tangible, viable, alternative solution, but to take responsibility for self in what we each individually have perpetuated into this world existing in the way it does today, one BIG fuck up. So, this is done by starting with our own minds and the options that we think/perceive/believe we are weighing as our choices, but in fact it’s not you, who is weighing all yours options, but your mind giving you options to choose from (which is all memory based) every time you see, hear, think or look at something.

It’s pretty fascinating, where every time you look hear and see, the mind gives you different options to what it could be. If you looked outside and saw a shadow in the street, the mind could make you believe that the shadow was me.

Let’s say a word would come up in the forefront of your mind, the mind could then take the word and go and find, a song in your memory bank with that word in it, that starts playing over in your head from start to finish and you think that that’s you, who chose to sing that song, but it’s not, it’s an option your mind selected all alone, I mean we have been doing this for our entire lives, so weighing all our options have only been a lie, and a cover up (and get this) by your own design, we’ve vailed ourselves from life, by accepting us as the mind.

Weighing all my option has become a burden to say the least, it’s the illusion of free choice that I really failed to see, and believed the illusion of free choice to be real, where I thought for sure that what I had was free will or some kind of skill in the choices that I made, I made a deal with the mind to live my life encaged, with the weight of all my options weighing heavy on my back, in the attempt to give myself that which I thought I lacked, from outside of myself in separation from me, how could I have let my mind add options to what I see, in this reality in fact that is the truth of who I am, where I thought I was the mind and my whole life was dammed.

If all of my options we’re from the mind then I never really had a choice, to pick and choose to stand, to speak as one voice, but have always be in service of, following the path of energy, where all I did was consume, consume and consume, different parts of me, like an automated system, very good at keeping you occupied, I mean I wasn’t really here, I wasn’t even alive.

It got to a point in my life, where something had to change, to stop creating options all leading to the same thing, me going insane, in hindsight nothing made sense, because I didn’t pick these options, I just straddled the fence, and let my mind direct and control me, why’ll thinking that I’m in the driver’s seat, when in fact it was not me.

Who I am, I didn’t consider or even bring into the equation, I didn’t realize that it’s only always ever been one option, that is doing what’s best for all life, in all ways, always and no longer accept and allow myself to be encaged.

So when you’re sitting there and something comes up, where you start weighing all your options, remember the only option in that moment is for you to start stopping, your mind and realize that you do have a choice, either to participate or not or to speak as one voice, as all as one meaning you are directing yourself and taking responsibility, instead of wrecking yourself.

So today I was watching how my mind operate and realized that every time something would come up, my mind would just giving me option as to why things were, but the funny thing about it is that none of them made sense and so I saw how this is what happens, every time when we say I’m weighing my option, where we then scrolling through what our mind present to us and end up choosing that which align more with our self-interest, instead of what’s best for all life and so throughout our lifetimes, we have been weighing all our option of inaction when action was/is what’s needed to be taken to change this world into a place that’s best for all life. I mean we have no other option, this is it, this one life is all we have, so see it how you will, but like I have, you will eventually Stand for life.

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