Day 299: The Lack Of

2the-lack-ofThe lack of food (as we have made it in this reality) will make you hungry, starve and die. The lack of water will make you dizzy, faint and cry.

The lack of transportation, makes it harder for you to get from one place to the next. With the lack of vision, you will not be able to read this text, but hear the word, as you live by what you speak, so even if you can’t see, you’re able to read.

When we see something wrong, why is there a lack of taking action, is it the fear that exist within us, that made us create this refraction? I mean what happen, what caused us to perpetuate such a reaction, to not stand up and feel SHAME for what just happened; is happening right now, even as we read, the lack of taking responsibility, for the birthing of disease. The birthing of war, just to suit our self-interest, the birth of a starving child, why’ll we think about your pensions.

Then blame it on money in claiming that the lack there of at fault, how could we even sit back and follow such a thought? It is apparent that from our parents, this is the way we were taught, but will that always be our excuse to vail the truth that it’s our fault?

If you really take a step back and look at this one point here, that if everyone on earth had the same of everything “The Lack of “would disappear, just as simple as that, but the lack of understanding puts Greed into place, and so we chase after money and things, to the detriment of the entire Human race.

If we just for one moment would realize that the lack of, really doesn’t exist, it really stands for nothing, it really doesn’t make sense, being that if everything that exist is who we really are, then why do we continue to tare ourselves apart?

I mean the separation is extensive, more than race and faith based, more than spiritually and relationships, even more than the state of this world today. Imagine if you look, and see the skin fall off of your arm, then turn into another you, and do you harm, why’ll not realizing that you both have the same skin, maybe with different pigmentation, but you both come from the same substance, are you now starting to get the picture, of the extent of our separation, in essence the only thing that we’re really lacking, is effective communication.

Be the Words that we speak and do What’s Best for All, the lack of this two (2) statement is Humanity’s downfall, because what’s not realize is the you and I in “All” the you and I in Everything, that you and I can Solve, every problem that exist, when together we All Stand, when together we All walk, when together we All plan.

I hear that there’s strength in numbers, imagine if we all agree, from the Poor to the Elite and all else in between, including the Animal Kingdom and Nature and all forms of life; well half of life has done this, and its Humanity’s time, Yes Me and You Human, we both have the same skin, let’s stop our Minds and ourselves, from creating a world of sin.

If the Lack of understanding and know how is what you need, then Here’s how you get started, with DIP.

The DESTENI I PROCESS Lite Free online course, to wake up and give yourself that which you think you LACK, and want no more.


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