Day 294: What You See is What You Think

WHAT-YOU-SEE-IS-WHAT-YOU-THINKWhat you see is what you think and if you think then you will feel and if you feel then you will react and when you react, you are extracting pure essence from your Human Physical Body (In a nut shell). It goes, what you see is what you think about, and when you think about what you saw, you are reacting to what you thought, with either an emotion or a feeling, and by reacting you are creating consequences, for yourself which consist of extraction, of substance from your Body, and that’s how you become old, and age, so in essence you are eating yourself alive, with every thought you think, so watch what you see and the next time you blink.

For the longest I never realized this to be, the fact that I was become older, with everything I see. I didn’t consider that by blinking my eyes, is how the mind stores and memorize, what I saw to bring back up in time, man was I so blind.

When sightseeing, it’s a dream, in the day time that we’re seeing, because we wonder how could this be, with what I’m seeing as more than me, or is it the fact that we never took the chance, to see ourselves as human, and everything us as us, instead of being a De-man (demon).

Whenever I would see things, I would automatically think, of what it was, and then I would blink, I thought just to clear my eyes, to get a better look, not realizing that that clearing of my eyes, was all that it took, for me to let my mind, explain to me what it is, then place myself in some scenario, with it.

This is how I would create, but it wasn’t really a creation, it was my mind directing me, more like a placation. A fantasy of sort, an illusion of thought, this is why it was so hard, for me to remember what I was taught. Because I would never really look at it, and questioned what it was, nor investigated the mechanic of it, from a math problem, to a bug, I just believed and followed, whatever came to my mind, this is how I spent my life, and all of my past time.

What you see is what you think about, and I’ve thought about it all, especially when looking at people, the greatest downfall, where we go into our mind and compare, compete and judge, not realizing that that’s us, walking away with a grudge.

What you see is what you think about, when looking at advertisement, where we then advert our attention, towards the money that we spend. This actually takes a lot of thought, unconsciously on our part, the part where we’re unaware, of how much shit we bought, then when times get rough, we blame the system for what we’ve done, to create it in the first place, when just a week ago it was fun.

What you see is what you think about, but try looking the other way, when it comes to, war, starvation, murder and families being displaced, I mean as long as it’s not your child, your son, your daughter or mother, ask yourself do you really care less, about what happens to another?

What you see is what you think about and it’s stuck there in your mind, if you were to just investigate it, you wouldn’t believe the shit you’ll fine, all stemming from what you saw and believed and followed a thought, that told you how to act and be, Yes, it’s just as much your fault, just as much as it is mine, there really is no difference accept that we are running out of time. It’s time to get with it.

So it’s time to take responsibility, for what you see and what you think, and what you manifest in this world, every single time you blink. I mean it’s really kind of mandatory and dire that we act now, take an interest in what I’m saying and if so THIS is how.


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