Day 291: Brainwashed (My Perspective)

BrainwashedImagine for a second if you will, an industrial washing machine that only runs on one cycle, Spin and in using the analogy of the wash machine Spinning your Brain and the Spin cycle being your thought, it’s shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend just how Brainwashed we are. Now times (X) the Spin cycle being on for 24 hours a day (X)’s your age in days, is it becoming a bit more clearer to you now? What I’ve realized is that ever since I have been able to comprehend words, I was taught (which is another word for brainwashing, I might add) how to talk, walk, live, act, look, speak and how to be, I mean where was I in all of this; although I chose this existence, I had no say so in what I learned and how I learned it, so it’s pretty obvious that brainwashing was the cause however you want to put it, consciously or unconsciously, the fact of the matter is that, we are brainwashed, where whatever you saw and/or heard from birth up until now, were tools of brainwashing in this 3 dimensional existence.

I’m sure the question now is; “Well if I didn’t have any say so in the matter (in what I learned), then how is it my fault”, it is for the simple fact of what we have designed as free choice, meaning that if there was a choice in the matter, we chose this experience for our self. This is funny because, we’re now too brain washed to even remember choosing this life, but we’re Here now aren’t we? To add to that, another point and question is; “How do you know when your being Brainwashed”? The answer that I found is that, when I was being brainwashed I didn’t know, I mean there was also another dimension to the brainwashing that I experienced, which I call being Beat Washed, meaning if I didn’t accept what I was being told, then I would get a beating, but being that that’s all I knew, I whole heartedly accepted it, because I didn’t want to get a beating. (This is in relations to my religious episodes growing up, and a whole other story).

How do you tell someone who’s Brainwashed that you are brainwashed?… Answer: by looking in the mirror, meaning you can’t unless you have accepted the fact that you are brainwashed in the first place. And how would you find out if you are? By investigating all things and keeping that which is good, meaning keeping that which is best for all life. So if you were to go back over/look back over your entire life at everything you were taught and had transpired throughout your lifetime, you would see and know with which points that you were taught, that was best for all life (including you), with which points that was only best for you (out of self-interest) and with which points that served no purpose to life/in life, in relation to the expansion/growth and development of every living thing/being on this planet, in this existence, that you were shown/given and/or presented as a must do, scare tactic or fear point as the key to survival in this world. It should now be pretty obvious and easy to realize/recognize just how you have been Brainwashed.

Acceptance is another story, meaning now that we’ve realized that were brainwashed what do we do. For me, after a few sporadic emotional episodes, I mean quite a few, and after I got over the blame factor, I then realized that I couldn’t very well continue participating in my old Brainwashed ways, because now I knew the facts in the matter, I mean there’s one thing to blindly participating in my old brainwashed ways (unaware), but with awareness, Naw, not happening, I can tell you from experience that you’re not able to live with yourself after knowing the truth, and there’s nowhere to go back to, so the only other thing for me to do was to start my process and walk my Journey To Life, and that what I’m currently doing.

This is not by any means an easy task, I mean the process Journey to life that I am walking, but doable, as I can see subtle changes within myself from being gullible and brainwashed, to being aware of what I hear, do and see, and taking the good out of the information that I retain and using it as a self-help tool in my process of expanding/growing/developing myself to reach my utmost potential.

So all and all taking action and/or an in-action, (which means you’re in action) as in taking action to no longer participate within your old brainwashed ways, is the key to releasing yourself from the Brainwashing we all have come to know so well as a part of who we’ve designed ourselves to be. And once again, if it’s not what’s best for all life (which includes you) then you know that it is a part (trap) within the Brainwashing system.

Another realization that I had about being Brainwashed is that it all stems from the Mind, so could it be that what we are/have been taught throughout the ages, was insinuated by the Mind? Yes; and that being the case, then we must first stop our Mind from creating more system as parameters for us to stay Brainwashed within (by our own acceptances and allowances I might add) and to do this, there’s a FREE Online course called DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite), which have assisted and supported me to first realize what the Mind is, how it functions and how to stop my participation within it, not only that but what are thoughts/feeling/emotions, where they come from and what’s their relationship to the Mind. In taking this FREE Online course, I could see clearly that I had been Brainwashed and how I let this happen to myself and the best thing about the DIP Lite Course is that you’re given tools to assist and support you in removing yourself/releasing yourself from this Brainwashed state of being and living, so if you do the work it WILL work for you. This is my suggestion to anyone who wants to remove there on Brainwashing, and remember nothing that WORKS is Easy. Enjoy

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