Day 290: Who Are You

who-are-youWho will you make myself up to be today or better yet in the next moment to come. Why are we being controlled by what we think, instead of realizing what we’ve done?

It takes just one spit second for us to change, from being nice to being something strange. And then to forget, just that quick it’s insane, how could we possibly remember anything.

Who we are has been reduce to a character, where we care less for others him and her, watching our lives pass us by with a blur, to the point where we believe that we’re cursed.

Through the eyes of another it looks worse, looking back at ourselves in reverse, who are you, am I really what I see, have I become what I’ve made myself to be?

Did I really just forget what I just said, when in an argument with someone else instead, of remembering every word that I speak, at what point did I really fall asleep?

For that matter have you ever been awake, understood and corrected your mistakes, who are you to try and pick out what’s wrong, within another person before picking out your own?

It’s easy to preach when practice is misunderstood, in fact it’s just an act disguised as doing good. But what is good when in fact you never investigated, all things that we willingly participated in.

Who are you when you quickly pass by, another person on the street without saying hi? Who are you when you don’t get your way, and scream and yell in another person’s face.

Who will you be when it’s done back to you, how would it feel to be standing in their shoes?

Who are you when you say that I’m different, from everyone else with persistence.

Why do we persist on trying to rebel, against the fact that we’re all living in hell, seeking escape routes to get away from this place, instead of taking responsibility for the mess that we made?

Who are you to put your mess on everyone else, instead of cleaning up your mess for yourself? I mean no one else can walk this process for you, you’ve designed your own mind and lived with it as you.

I’ve been one whose never really asked myself who are you, throughout my life in any way, at any time what so ever, I mean imagine if we we’re to ask ourselves; “Who are you” before we participate in anything that we do, you would think that this world would be a different place and this process would be a bit simpler, but this world is what we’ve made it into, this fucked up place to live, I need not go into details about how fuck up it is, because we all know how it is, even if we act like we don’t know, by hiding behind characters that we’ve created to veil ourselves from the truth of ourselves and what we have manifested to be on this planet, our world, in this existence, but in essence if we were to take responsibility in every moment for what we do, by simply asking ourselves, each individually (to self) “Who are you” before we do anything that we do, then we would “think twice” (per se) and not participate in some, if not most of the things that we do participate in and thus is the first step in changing ourselves and then the world. So for this;

I commit myself to taking responsibility in changing myself, by asking myself the question; “Who are you” before I do and/or participate in anything that I do.

I commit myself to getting to know who I am in relation to the things I do.

I commit myself to no longer characterizing who I am to veil the mess that I’ve made in my life and this world and reality, but to instead take responsibility for what I’ve done and who I was, in transforming myself into who I really am as life and life that which is best for all life.


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  1. barbarastaengl2012 says:

    thanks for sharing, Carlton!

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