Day 284: Threats

ThreatsWe live under constant threat from ourselves, where everything we have accepted and allowed ourselves to consist of and exist as is fear, therefore everything we do is based on a threat, consisting of/existing as the fear of loss. Have a look; let’s take our jobs for instance, where we rush to it, because of the threat that if we don’t get there on time, we might get fired. The same thing applies with simply, brushing our teeth where the threat is, if we don’t brush our teeth then we we’re told that they might fall out, so most of us brush them religiously, but within that also lies common sense, where we take action to avoid either of these from happening, so this type of threat is for the most part survival driven but commonsensical.

Then you have verbal threats, which is fear based, that we perpetuate towards each other, to get what we want (our way), where it starts off with; “If you don’t do this or that, then I’m going to do this or that to you, in which we comply out of the fear of being abused and/or the fear that this person might do something to mess up what we have going on in our life.

I remember as a child growing up, this experience was prevalent, where in my case the threats were real, but not really verbalized, but known as a fact of happening, for example my parents would leave and go someplace and before they left, they would give us chores to do and if those chores weren’t completed by the time they got home, then we would fill the wrath of what the threat would Intel. I mean if you look at it, this is where most of us learned about threats, in inflicting ourselves with the fear that they may happen/might happen and/or threatening others, as a way of making something happen, which later on in life, I found wasn’t conducive to getting things done and/or what I wanted. Being that I saw this plenty of times before and so in reality I knew that whatever I did or didn’t do, that there were no parents looking over my shoulder and because I didn’t want anything to do with threats, I basically felt that threatening others was useless, so imagine when other would try and threaten me; I wouldn’t take it too well.

What I come to realize for the most part is if someone threatens you, then nine (9) times out of ten (10), they’re just all talk, because once again no one really likes conflict, so the projection of fear as abuse is brought through words consisting of it being a threat, but this is not to say (in this day age) that you should take anyone’s word lightly, I wouldn’t advise you to, but to remain aware of this persons movements and if need be disassociate yourself from them, if you find that they are not listening to your (Self-Honest) common sense reasoning.

The other day I was threatened in a roundabout way, where this person was generalizing about something in particular not going their way and that it was a particular persons fault and that If they didn’t get their way, that they would “Shut shit down” in their word, meaning interrupting part of my business as well, being that the person they were speaking about is one of my business partners, which then brought me into it. So for a moment I attempted to reason with this person and found that they weren’t listening, so I said to them; “Ok I’ll take that as a threat and shook their hand and walked away”. Now mind you this person I’ve known for quite some time and have seen this before coming from this person, but the thing is for me to not take this persons word lightly, but instead to take every precautionary measure there is to prevent anything from happening, which most likely won’t, but to still be prepared, which I am.

The main point within it all that I found is, where I would have/use to react, I didn’t, which kept me stable and I was able to see which precautionary measures that I need to take, so it behooves one to when/as/if you are faced with a verbal threat by someone, to first off, don’t react in anyway what so ever emotionally and to remain stable and aware of what the person who is threatening you is saying and within that you’ll be able to see that this person really don’t want any conflict and is screaming out for a solution, so at that point you should take any, every and all precautionary measures needed for the wellbeing of you and your surroundings, because everything is not immediately solvable, but sometimes at times it’ll take time to solve.

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