Day 283: What God Wants

what-god-wantsWhy is it that everyone seems to know what god wants? Is it because they have a direct line of communication connected straight to god, consisting of two cans and a string? The reason I use this analogy of two can and a string is because, are you really hearing what’s going on the other end of the line or are you just making up what you think is being said, in which case you are conversing with the voices in your head and if it is a thought (projected as fear) of your own self-interested belief system then you say; “This is what god wants”, while on the other hand if what you hear doesn’t align with your own self-interested wants, meaning if there is nothing in this perceived message for you to profit from, then you say; God told me that this is not what he wants.

It’s pretty interesting how the words Profit and Prophet has somewhat of a similar meaning in relations to what we think god wants, where, we think that whenever we Profit from something/gain/get something, that this is a message and a sign from god as to what god wants. And therefore in order to gain a Profit we become Prophets in spreading our own self-interested wants in the name of god to the congregation/the masses and the regular people we meet throughout our day, that way no one will go against what we say, while we gain our Profit. I mean this profit doesn’t necessarily have to do with getting money, although, most Prophets are based off of getting oodles of money/power/recognition/status as someone to go to when in need of self-interested justification, because they have a direct line to god. So how is this done?

There was this reality show on television a while back called; “Scared Straight”, where they would take a belligerent teenager who would rebel against their parents, to the point of their parents not being able to control them (which is an issue in itself) and would seek outside help. And on this show, they would take the child into the back room (with the parent’s consent), where a drill sergeant would then come out and start yelling and screaming at the child and then the next phase was them taking the child to a prison, to have them see what being incarcerated would be like, if they didn’t get their act together and straighten up and thus would have these hardcore institutionalized inmates to participate in scarring the child straight. Oddly enough the fear tactics worked for the most part, just as being done, by those who think/believe that they know what god wants, where they use the fear of god (which is devilish) to scare you the individual, straight into giving them a Profit.

On another note we have been so brainwashed with the fear of god in us, saying things like ”God is going to strike you down, if you don’t do this or that, that I tell you what god wants” and so we end up tell others what we want and if you don’t give it to me (as god wants) then you’re a blasphemer and will be punished by god, but if you do, then “God bless you” and Thank you Thank you, because we can’t even believe the bullshit that we just pulled off worked.

What is not seen/realized/understood is the obvious of; where is this god that you speak so highly about, that have the power to do this and that, but really don’t care about you because you have the audacity to ask me for help and say this is what god wants, and so with your direct line to god (hypothetically speaking) you’ve asked god to help you and he/she sent you to me to ask me and everyone you see for a dollar? What’s wrong with this picture?

I mean we have become pretty creative, crafty and savvy, when it comes to abdicating our responsibility for ourselves and all other life forms that can’t take care of themselves, that falls under our responsibility as who we are a life, where we prey/pray on other to keep our minds fed and our wallets filled with profits, as we prophesize that this is What God Wants, not realizing the consequences that we are/have created as graven images for ourselves as well as others, that we crave and would rather take with us to our grave, instead of us changing our ways and this world in which we are enslaved, that is in dire need to be saved. You can start by changing yourself HERE and then you’ll realize that this is what GOD really wants!!


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