Day 281: Getting Even

Getting-EvenWe tell on one another under the assumption that we won’t get in trouble to, but when it all boils down and we’re asked, why we didn’t say something in the first place, we then realize that we have just told on ourselves. We perpetuate getting even with one another, under the effectuation of winning, this usually happens when we don’t get our way, so if we don’t get our way, we’re going to make sure that the next person don’t get their way either, because they didn’t give us our way (what we wanted) and the way we do this is, by being very spiteful and conniving, where we’ll go and mess up whatever it is that they got going on, by spreading lies to whomever an authority figure is to that person, why’ll we’re still in their face laughing and smiling with them and watch their whole life crumb/fall apart, while playing the innocent role and being their consoler, all because we THINK we’re getting even. The interesting part is that nine (9) times out of ten (10) we need that person for some reason or another, where they have or is playing a vital role within our lives, in relation to our wellbeing, but in the moment of making the decision (to get even), we forget to take this massive point into consideration and when it’s all said and done, we look back on our actions in saying; “What the fuck did I just do”, but by that time it’s too late and now you have to live with the guilt of making the biggest mistake you ever made in your life and because of this, from that moment on, nothing will ever go right in your life again.

Oddly enough most of the times we don’t even realize that this defining point of making that one decision to get even with someone, is the cause for our life being jacked up, because we soon forget about it and go about our lives aimlessly, unaware of the consequences that we are/have created for ourselves as well as others that we will (if not already) have to face, theirs and ours. In any case ask yourself; “How can you really get even with yourself”, meaning on one hand you wish bad onto someone and say things like karma is going to get you and on the other hand you play retaliation.

Understand that what we wish/manifest/project onto others, is in fact wishing/manifesting/projecting it back onto ourselves, it’s like shooting a bullet at a rubber wall and it bounce back and hit you in the head. What are the odds then, that everything in your life is going to go right from hence forth, slim to none, but you pulled the trigger.

Another dimension within this is, why do we let things affect us to the point where we think/perceive/believe that we have to get even with someone? And the sappy answers to this is; “I won’t feel right until I get even” or “They hurt my feeling”. It’s funny how we make things all about our “feeling”, it’s like we’re saying; “Well if you hurt my feelings then, I’m going to become emotional, react with anger and make a drastic decision that has consequences for me and you, just to hurt yours and then you’ll see how it feels”. I mean this makes no sense at all; it seems too much of a process to go through on either end, just to get even with someone.

I’m here to tell you that nothing is worth getting even with, unless you have defined getting even as, becoming equal to and one with who self is – knowing and living who I am through and through. So before you plan on getting even with someone, realize that you’re an equal part with them and they’re just showing you what you have done to others countless amounts of times before. And if not, don’t put yourself in a position where you might feel that you have to get even with someone.


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