Day 277: Dream Manipulation

Dream-ManipulationAn interesting thing that I realized within my dream is me realizing that I’m dreaming and trying to manipulate myself, my ways and my actions within the dream. I mean have you ever had a dream that seemed so real, but you knew it was a dream, but still allowed yourself to participate within it and that being said, you woke up feeling like shit because you could have stopped yourself from participating from within it, but you didn’t, you kept going right along with the play out to achieve whatever outcome that you were expecting to achieve in the dream and it didn’t happen.

This is what happen to me the other night where, I’m walking a point of realizing and directing myself within my dreams and what usually comes up within my dreams is old patterns, ways and behaviors that I would/have perpetuated in certain situations in reality and as they (these situations) happens/play out within my dream, at times I’ve stopped myself, but for the most part, I would see them and have a chance to stop them, but don’t, because of the outcome that I was expecting to get, which doesn’t come in the end and the manipulation can even go further than that, because throughout the dream there are points/times when you tell yourself; “Ok you know this is a dream right” and then answer yourself; “Yes” but still participate within it, this is what I call Dream Manipulation.

As I realize it, dreams are there to show us points that we still have to work on/walk through/transcend within ourselves in our world and reality in reality/when were awake, so one must ask oneself, what does it mean when you are shown a point within your dream and become aware of the point that is being show, but still try and manipulate your way through the point that’s being shown to achieve a self-interested outcome, why’ll your sleeping, I mean W.T.F. is that. This shows how extensive our preprogramming goes and to what extent the mind will go to get one to stay within the parameters of our same old patterns/habits/ways and behaviors in reality that is shown within our dreams. So for this,

I have written and extensive amount of Self-Forgiveness specifically on, per which situations that came up within my dreams that I did not stop myself in the moment, where I knew where it would lead to, but yet and still accepted and allowed the behavior that I would perpetuate in reality, in my dreams to persist, and now after Self-Forgiveness, I must walk the corrective action and so for the last two (2) nights throughout the Twilight Zone, I have been more directive within my dreams to where, when and as I see my mind presenting me with a dreamscape that is along the line of those that I failed to stop before, what I find is that at the first sight of the first picture that comes up as a flash, I look at it and cross reference it with what I’ve seen before in my dreams and/or reality as a point being shown to me or being walked by me in reality and tell myself to immediately STOP! This is a dream and wake up and then apply Self-Forgiveness on the initial picture that came up in that moment that would’ve been the kick off (per se) to manipulating my dreams or might I say, me perpetuating that act of; “Dream Manipulation”.

I found that this method of dealing with Dream Manipulation works for me, in my process of walking out of my mind and directing myself into my physical, whether I am asleep or I am awake, either way I am becoming the directive principle of me. I realize that this is a process that takes self-honesty and time to walk through and that there is no quick fixes, so as I walk my process, I commit myself to fixating myself on my breath in every moment and to no longer accept and allow myself to try and pull a fast on me, but instead to fasten my seat belt and enjoy the ride to nothingness. The Journey Begins HERE.

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