Day 276: Loud Noise

Loud-NoiseIn the comic book world, loud noises are insinuated with a BOOM, POW, BANG, SPLAT, Etc. where we then go into our minds within our imaginations and animate what we see and read. This then becomes a self-created movie within our imagination, so in fact we create and hear these loud noises in our minds.

In the movie THOR, (which was a comic first) there was a scene where if anyone from his planet/realm/dimension entered the earth’s atmosphere they would have to firstly adjust to the loud noises that would be going on in their head, where they could hear everything simultaneously going on here on earth and it would take them quite a why’ll to first figure out what was going on and then filter through all the bullshit (per se) to get to what was relevant in the moment. Now THOR also went through this stage growing up, where he would have these episodes of experiencing these loud noises and his mother would calm him, by saying things like, go to or focus on that quiet place within you and/or breathe (something along those lines) and once he would do that, the noises would subside, stop momentarily, until the next episode, now this last throughout his formative years, until he was able to stop these loud noises all together and filter through them, to get to the point that needed to be handled in the moment.

In reality, these loud noises that I am referring to is the thoughts/feeling/emotions, backchat/internal conversations/internal reactions that we experience every day, day in and day out, all day long, throughout our lives and still today. The thing is, is that we have gotten so used to this loud noise in our mind that we think that it is a natural part of who we really are and so we have infused (connected/intertwined) ourselves to the mainframe that houses the loud noise so much that this loud noise, now speaks for us, directs us and tells us what to do, where to go, who to like, who not to like, when to react, what to say and to fear everything, because if we don’t we’ll die. So now we walk around scared shitless at any and everything and everyone in separation from ourselves as everything and everyone like secluded zombies, because this loud noise told us to. I mean come on, who’s in control here; it should be obvious what we are not in control of ourselves, this separate entity called the Mind Consciousness System which is the mainframe that houses all of this loud noise that we have infused ourselves within to our very beingness is.

But wait, there is a way that we can stop this loud noise from coming up within and as us, which will take practice, consistency, dedication and self-honesty in every moment, I mean to find out that we don’t have to put up with this loud noise in our minds anymore, that we now have the tools to filter through each sound bite as thoughts/feeling/emotions, backchat/internal conversations/internal reactions to get to what’s HERE, Present and Relevant in the moment, so that way we can change this world into a place that is best for all life Equally, is the best thing that can happen to any and all of us in this world and reality and this existence.

So why wait another moment longer to release yourself from these loud noise that’s been plaguing you your entire life, when all you have to do is to learn how you created this loud noise in the first place and stop them forever, FOR FREE right HERE, at the Desteni I Process Lite Online Course. The “I” stands for YOU, so why don’t YOU stand for YOU.

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