Day 272: What Makes You, You

What-makes-you-youIs it the clothes you wear, that makes you you?

Is it the car you drive, that makes you you?

Is it the job you have, that makes you you?

Do the type of job you have, makes you you? How about the title you give yourself, is that really you?

Are you really the name you nick yourself with, as in a nick name, because you’re too ashamed to even mention your real name?

When you’re labeling others do you realize that you’re labeling you? Did you know that that goes for stereotyping to?

How about the number of friend you have on Facebook and/or Instagram, is that what makes you you?

Is the status you hold amongst your peers really you?
Just because you’re well off, with no money problem/financially, is that what makes you you?

Is the number of girl/guys you’ve been with a factor in what makes you?

Do the part of the world you live in, makes you you?
Will you still be you, if you black out and come back to?

Is the way you can weasel your way in and out of any situation, what makes you you?
When you get caught in your weaseling way, what will you do?

Do the way you look, makes you you, or do you just give yourself a face because you’re scared to face yourself as you?

Does working out in the gym to maintain your muscles, makes you you? How about being a gainer, is that you to?

Is doing Pilates a necessity in what makes you? Maybe running on the treadmill for about a half an hour is what you do, but is this what really makes you you? No?

So if all of this that we have created as our comfort zones, is not really you: Then when will you realize that it has always been the mind, directing and controlling you?

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