Day 269: Material Possessions

Material-PossessionsBefore I started my process, I had an extensive recording studio, where during that period of time, I would go shopping almost every week to get the newest piece of equipment, outboard gear, compressor, software etc. I mean if you were to walk into my studio when the lights were out, to me it looked like a cock pit of an airplane with all the equipment on and the digital lights flashing. These were my possessions and yes I was possessed by them. I didn’t want anyone to touch them, without me being present, not even the lamp light in the room and if I was to go somewhere and came back and saw that someone had messed with and/or moved any of my things, I would be furious and become angry and when no one would admit to it, I would become even more angry, not realizing that as long as I was possessed by these material possessions, the more they would be messed with. Oddly enough, this was mostly related to my music equipment and computers. If there were things of mine lying around the house and someone used them, I wouldn’t too much care as long as it wasn’t anything that was out of the studio.

My thoughts was, that others wouldn’t care for my things like I did, which was for the most part true and if something was to get broken, then I would go ham (crazy), so I told myself that I didn’t want to risk it and would unplug things from the back whenever I would leave for an extended period of time, believing that no one would be able to figure out how to turn things on and use my equipment, when I wasn’t there, (Boy was I mistaken). Well what happen in between time was, just want I was trying to prevent/avoid, which was things being broken, music being erased from my computer, all of a sudden the microphone has a short in it, the tweeters on the speakers would be blown, certain pieces of music equipment wouldn’t turn on and/or work correctly and when I would ask what happened, I would damn near get the silent treatment and/or someone would say, what sa name was here and was messing with things. And of course I would become angry and then would have to fix it or buy new parts/pieces. I would then repeat the same pattern of unplugging things from the back, hoping that no one would mess with it again, but it would happen all over again, constantly/continuously for years and my thing was, I just can’t trust them with anything, (My friends). I mean I was truly possessed by my material possessions, so possessed, that not once did I realize that; “Hmmm” maybe if I taught them how to use it, (the studio) then nothing would be/get broken.

In a way, by me being possessed by my material possession, this made me seclude myself away from my friend, which for some I jeopardize my relationship with then, by choosing my material possessions over them. Not cool.

After a why’ll my material possessions dwindled down to having a few things and everything that I showcased was now all gone, by my own doing, what a lesson to be learned.

It was not until I found Desteni, did I learn about material possessions and being possessed by them, where after watching an extensive amount of videos on YouTube over a few years, one day I received an email that someone liked my YouTube Channel and that person was in the video I was just watching and that’s when things became real, where after this person liked my YouTube Channel, then a whole list of people whose video’s I watched, started liking my YouTube Channel as well, I was stunned and kind of emotional, Naw I was really emotional and was then, in a way directed by that first person (who I am forever grateful for) to join the Desteni forums and I’m glad I did, because then I was introduced to this FREE ONLINE Course, DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite) in which I started learning about my mind and how thoughts are generated, where do they come from and what Feeling and Emotions are, alone with a slew of other things, I mean this course alone is Mind Blowing. I was then told (and had heard through watching the Desteni material) that I needed to stop my Mind and was given the TOOLS to do so, of WRITING, where I would write out my thoughts, what was going on in my mind and the reactions I had to what was going on in my mind and then the TOOL of SELF-FORGIVENESS, where I would Forgive myself for accepting and allowing each thought and/or reaction I had, that came up within and as me, that I wrote about during the WRITING phased, which would then release me from the thoughts/reactions and then the TOOL of SELF-CORRECTIVE APPLICATION, where I would then write out my realizations of what I realized within it all, my SELF-CORRECTIVE Statements of “When and as I see myself participating in my mind of thoughts/feeling/emotions and/or reactions, I STOP myself and BREATHE and stop my participation within my mind and then my SELF-COMMITMENT Statement, where I commit myself to no longer accept and allow my MIND to direct me but, instead become the Directive Principle of myself; And you know what it works, because, I can self-honestly say that I no longer place more value in material possessions than I do LIFE in all its forms.

I recommend this FREE ONLINE Course, DIP Lite as a start for anyone that is seeking to change yourself from being directed by your Mind to Directing Yourself, Your World and Reality.


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