Day 265: Broken Promises (Time)

Broken-Promises_TimeWhen you think you have time, but you don’t really have time and you assumed that time was on your side when you’ve made a promise to someone that, you’ll do and/or be somewhere at a certain time, why is it then, that time becomes the scapegoat, when in fact all the why’ll you’ve been wasting time doing useless bullshit and in the back of your mind thinking that; “I’ve got the upper hand because I’m needed and will be there right on time and once you get there, you then realize that time ran out the back door a long time ago, then say to yourself “I should have took the time to do this first instead and looked at my watch”. The made up name (as an excuse) we give this scenario is miscommunication, but in fact it is a Broken Promise, because when all else fails, we still didn’t follow through with what we said we would and so the buck stops here.

At times we become too complacent with what we are doing and so we take our time following through with what we say, simply because it’s in our nature and we don’t realize that our complacency is a form of spitefulness, where we’re unconsciously saying; “I can take my time, because they really need it/me, so when I get there they might be mad, but they’ll get over it because I’m here now and they still need it/me, so they can take it or leave it.

An insinuating circumstance would be if by the time you got there, the person said never mind, I had someone else to help me, in which (hypothetically speaking) they got paid $1000 dollars by the man who needed 2 people to help him do something and this was 2 hours ago. At which time you become furious and start yelling and screaming, bloody murder and saying things like what type of friend are you and so on and so forth. By the time it’ll take you to calm down, will you then realize the nature of your ways, or will you continue spewing Broken Promises as time goes on? I mean who knows time will only tell, that’s why when you make promises to someone for something and to be somewhere at a specific time, to do whatever it is that you’ve promised to do for them we must Take Initiative Move Express and follow through with what we say we will within the time that’s given.

I was the worse when it came to keeping my promises, I mean half the times I would forget, because in the moment of promise our interest is on self in what can we get from it, especially when we need something in that moment and have promised to sort the other person out later, but we soon forget and/or at times conveniently have no recollection of the promise we made, which makes one deceitful or better yet conniving, because it’s like we’ve just Conned a Knife from this person to stabbed that person in the back, (Conniving), in this case you end up compromising every relationship you’ll ever have, why, because you have now Broken every promise you’ve ever made and that’s why others cannot trust you, because you can’t trust yourself. I mean keeping your word with someone is better than giving them money, it’ll last longer. To learn yourself and how to be a person of your word, there is a free online course that you can start with HERE.


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