Day 262: The Mind Map

Mind-MapDo you really know where you are, where you’re going, where you come from and how you got to where you are, within your world and reality, in this Physical Existence? Do you even realize how lost we are? Here’s an example, without a Navigator in your phone, Google Maps, Map Quest or any other Map for that matter, would you be able to find your way to the next Town, City, County, Providence, State, let alone to the next corner store for that matter? I mean most of us whenever we go shopping, to a Mall, an Outlet or Grocery Store etc. whenever we finish shopping and come back outside, we forget where we parked our car. Another example of how lost we are is, let’s say you’re writing something down at work or at home and then get a phone call or you have to go use the bathroom or something and put your pen down, when you come back, you forget where you put your pen and to top that all off, what’s the first thing we say? “Somebody took it”, then realize that it’s been in our pocket (or hand) the whole time, meaning that we’ve always have known where our pen was, but have momentarily been side tracked from remembering where it is. The same applies to, us being momentarily sidetracked from remembering, where we are, where we’re going, where we came from and how we got to where we are within our world and reality as well as being able to find our way to the next Town, City, County, Providence, State and the next corner store and even after all, it seems that we finally remembered where we parked our car when leaving the Shopping Mall, Outlet or Grocery Store.

After listen to an Interview on EQAFE in the Atlanteans Series part 14 entitled Establishing Individuality, where they were speaking about the total separation that we have gotten ourselves into and that there is only one way to go now, which is walking ourselves back to ourselves in bringing everything of ourselves in returning ourselves to ourselves and we got our entire Map which is our Mind and this Physical Existence, it’s all manifested in individual parts, in individual manifestations and individual expressions and individual experiences and all we have to do is to take ourselves part by part by part and bring ourselves back to ourselves within ourselves, that I realized how lost we really are.

I also could see and realize, how we have created this Map in our Minds, by creating roads as problems and situations to go down to the next corner/moment in our mind, where we then manifest another scenario/situation as a road to walk down, in separating ourselves from ourselves by never really taking Self-Responsibility for the first road we have created, which would have (hypothetically speaking) been a marker for us to find our way back to ourselves, but instead, we have lost our way and although within our mind is the Map back to ourselves, the Map is now a Hazy Maze of sorts, which is filled with detours, wrong turns and dead end, which makes it virtually/nearly impossible to find ourselves back to ourselves without any guidance, because on our own, we already don’t remember shit and would never make it back to ourselves, let alone even realize that we are still within ourselves.

So what I’ve realized within this is to continue to learn my mind/myself and how this I have created/manifested this entire physical existence into what it is today, as what I have become and have gotten lost within it/within myself and what I need to do, to be able to read the Mind Map of myself that I have wrote, Created and Manifested into this Physical Existence and to take Self -Responsibility for what I have created, correct myself, clean up this world, all at the same time, why’ll walking myself back to myself, within myself. And to do this for Your-Self one must first start HERE.

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