Day 258: Before You Go

Before-You-GoI’m sure we all have experienced as a child our parents telling us, before you go outside and play you have to do this, that or the other and if you don’t finish this, this that or the other, you won’t be able to go outside and play, so what do we do; First off we momentarily become bummed out and piss and moan for a moment and then realize, hey I want to go outside and play, so I better pull myself together and do what I have to do, so that I can go outside and play and as soon as we get done with what we had to do, we run and tell our parent that we’re finish and can we go outside and play now, they then (after checking to see if we completed our task) say yes and within this we have achieved our goal.

So being that we already have the conditioning of knowing that in order to get to where we want to go we have to finish/complete the task at hand to achieve that which is best, the same goes for the process that each person in humanity is currently walking, where in order to get to that Heaven we so long for, we first have the task of cleaning up this Hell/Mess we have created/made for ourselves and then and only then will we (hypothetically speaking) be able to go outside and play, but in the moment we have become bummed out and piss and moan about how much work there is to do, instead of realizing commonsensically, that a heaven for all would be best for all, where we can unconditionally express ourselves as who we really are, as the breath of life, the animal kingdom, nature and all that exist within this world, reality and this universe, as you and me.

All it takes is for each person to take themselves back to their childhood at one of those times when you really wanted to go and do something and was told the words; “Before You Go” and after being bummed out and pissing and moaning, realized that you’re only prolonging your own process in doing your task, which makes it that much harder to get to where you wanted to go; In this case why should we all spend another moment in Hell, when we have the tools to create a heaven, not only for ourselves but for all life (Here) on Earth, because we’re not going anywhere, so how about we try something a bit different from what we’re used to, that haven’t worked.

You can start by clicking HERE Before You Go.


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