Day 255: Baby Shower

Baby-ShowerThe game we play before the baby arrives is what I experienced, when recently I was invited by a family member to a coed baby shower. This was the first time, I ever went to one, let alone have been invited to one. At a baby shower they play these games and to start it off, the first game that was played, was a game I call “Take you beads” which goes as such. Each participant is given bead to wear around their necks and the object of the game is to obtain the most beads by the end of the baby shower and win a prize. The rules of the game were as follows, throughout the baby shower you cannot cross any body parts what so ever, such as your hands, your feet’s your arms and legs at any time and any participant who sees you cross anything can take your beads. As soon as I saw this I was instantly blown away and said to someone; this is conflict waiting to happen, where let’s say someone sees another person cross their legs and go approach that person, asking for their beads, because they saw them cross their leg’s and if the person refuses and say, “I didn’t cross my legs” that’s where the conflict would come in at and not only that, you now have each one looking at each other, projecting the manifestation of the next person screwing up towards each other, so the air becomes thick with deceit, all in chase of a reward, to be the winner of the prize in the end.. Within that essence, cheating would also come into play, which leads to spiting one another in your secret mind, why’ll smiling in their face. And of course in such setting you also have your cliques, which make it a bit more interesting.

As we moved on throughout the baby shower more games was played which were more subtle then the one I just mentioned, such as a memory game and a diaper raffle, bingo and so on and so forth, all related to baby things and terminology, which was pretty normal for the most part and designed for the women that was there. Understandably when we ate, all the guy including me ate together at one table and the women all ate together at different tables (as it was more women than men of course), which was cool as well and the day continued as planned thus far.

Then you have what I would describe as the most fascinating part of it all and the main reason why I am writing this blog post, which is the point of how we already plan out our child’s life, as in who they will be/become and what they will and will not do, before they even enter into this world and breathe their first breath on their own.

We now come to the gift presentation and opening of the presents at the baby shower. I sure there was a lot of thought put into the presents that was given literally, I mean it was all the essential’s that a mother to be should have, such as a baby care seat, a stroller, a baby bag, diapers, other women and baby thing, bottles etc.

But when they started unwrapping the clothes, was when it became interesting, where, staring with the baby’s grandfather who bought clothes for the baby aligned to what he thought the baby should look like according to what he liked to do which was fishing, where he had already planned to teach the baby how to fish, Ok. Then the baby was bought a sports team basketball outfit that everyone “loved” and claimed that the baby would already be a fan of their favorite sports team and/or possibly a basketball player. (I forgot to mention the expecting mother is having a boy) Then the baby was bought a Superman outfit as in subconsciously subliminally saying, that this child will/is going to save me/us from ourselves. (Boy what a task this little fellow is going to have when he arrives).

Next you have random clothes with the wording along the lines of; I take after my favorite Uncle and My Granny is the best and/or I’m Grams favorite child, things of that nature, which I’m sure you can see where that would lead to, the spoiling which spawns the separation and choosing to like one family member over the other, because of the way the child will be treated, by what is given to him by one family member or the other. What came out next was the children’s books and within that (if I’m not mistake, but for sure that it was) came a Children’s Bible Story Book and a Children’s Bible as in saying that the child will be religious and a Christian. And to top it all off, the next clothing article that was open up was a suit, slacks and a matching vest with a white shirt and tie, and the crowd went wild (so to speak), the grandmother then stated the claim that the child is going to church and she couldn’t wait to take the child to church in his new suit and at the end of her speech said “Praise God”. At which time I said “My God”.

Normally I would have saw this as a normal function, where I’m sure this was how I was brought into this world as in the way society is, but being able to see in real time exactly how the brainwashing begin before I even got here, is an eye opening experience and realization that I am grateful to have had (being invited to a baby shower) and is a cool cross reference as to the process I am currently walking.

It’s time, we change our past ways of unconsciously brainwashing ourselves and our children, by following in the footsteps of those that has gone before us and wake up to what’s really here, I mean when we were children, pure and innocent, we didn’t agree with what was being told to us, shown to us and embedded into us, it didn’t fit with who we were as a child, so use yourself as an example in remembering when you were a child, and stop abusing your children, even before they get here.

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