Day 251: Stereotyping

stereotypingWhat have we in this world come to, where the color of our skin, race, creed, gender is what we have classified as being different toward each other, with different unique qualities, labels, ways in which one group define the other by type, under the per-conceived notion that because one out of the group acts or behave a certain way, then everyone in that group is exactly the same, because this is how it’s always been, why change something that’s been this way for years, generations, lifetimes, so let’s breakdown how it currently exist in this world today, starting with the basics. First off the word Black and the word White are the two most formidable stereotypical words there are, known to man, besides God and the Devil. We have created these words to be polar opposites, under the assumption that because a person has a darker or lighter shade than you, there is a difference, because I can see it with my own eye and that which I can’t explain as to what I am seeing, must have a label, so let’s call them Black, well then, Let’s call them White. Then comes in the propaganda from both sides (Mind you this is the exact same for all other diverse races of people), asking what does the word White means and what does the word Black means. Once you’ve figured that out for yourself then let’s continue……

This is where the Stereotyping begins. Within the definition of each word there are negative connotations describing both words, individually. The words are then placed as the color of a group of people/a certain race, which actually has no relevance to the actual skin tone of these specific races/groups of people, but is accepted as the norm. Within that a belief is formed of one group being different than the other, as in assumed behaviors, ways, attributes and physical appearances and from that the idea formed that each group should be treated a certain way, because of the labels that we place on each and every individual group of people. Because we label ourselves with these stereotypes, we start to believe that these labels as who we are and begin to act accordingly, not realize that within this, we are extremely limiting and diminishing ourselves to a the point of extermination, by each group thinking that they are the chosen ones and thus the others shouldn’t be alive, so those that are born into anyone of these groups of people/different races, are from birth stripped from seeing any and every one as equal to and one with who they are, and taught separation by skin color and with that comes the question asking why and the answer of; ”This is how it has always been” and “They should be with their own kind and we should be with our own kind” and that’s that, without an inkling of an idea the real reason behind it all, which is fear, so we end up growing up hating people without a reason why, but they don’t look like us.

If we conform to this stereotypical idealistic way of thinking then we are in fact the perpetuation of the existence of hate. We are in fact the perpetuation of the existence of war. We are in fact the perpetuation of the existence of all form of abuse, from verbal abuse to physical abuse which causes psychological abuse to and toward oneself and others in this world and reality, which means, we are in fact the cause of the way this world exist today, all because of our stereotypical idealistic ways of thinking/perceiving/believing that a certain label/type of classification is who we are, when in fact it’s not.

Who we are is existent and can be seen within every breath we take, that’s if we even realize our own breath. I mean ask yourself do people in other races breathe. Ask yourself do people in other races need to eat to stay alive (No matter what it is they eat), just as you do. Go ahead ask yourself do people in other races defecate as in releasing themselves when their body is full of substance, just as you do. Ask yourself, do people in other races see and hear you with their physical eyes and ears, just as you see and hear them. (You might not speak the same language, but you do see and hear each other). So what is it really that makes us and/or the other person seem that much different than each other, to the point of our perceived repulsiveness?

The answer is our Mind, where we have created this separatist delusional alternate reality in our head, as our hiding place, hiding from ourselves, out of the fear of facing ourselves within other, in not admitting to what we see other doing, to be a direct reflection of ourselves, as to what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to consist of and exist as within this world and reality, in which we have created this playground of separation in the disillusionment of stereotyping each other. And in the process have created hell for ourselves.

The word stereo (in a nutshell) is a combining form of something, meaning two of the same or one in the same kind and the word type is that/those who share similar characteristics, such as a group. Seeing this as such, one must have noticed and/or understood that that which you classify as something different is that which you are, so in fact you have labeled yourself as that which you have seen within yourself and didn’t want to see, but now have to face as you within that which you have labeled others to be, how ironic.

The solution is to remove away all the labels, classifications, judgments, excuses and justification as to what we believe ourselves to be in separation from other. The way to do this is to start with self by investigating the reason as to why have you labeled yourself, why have you classified yourself, why have you judged yourself and given yourself an excuse to justify why you have done these things and then Write it out, apply Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application, for the labels, the classifications, the judgments, the excuses and justifications you’ve given to yourself, then you will see yourself as who you really are without Stereotyping.


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