Day 248: Clique

CliqueCliques are; groups within group that are for the group as a whole, but associate with certain members more than anyone else within the group, because of similar self-interest. In almost every group you see and/or know about, there are cliques within them. The most predominant of these group that you’ll find with cliques in them, as well as the group that cliques originated from is the Family Unit, Yes, believe it or not that’s where the idea of cliques, being in an clique and groups within a group all started from, at home and it can really be seen at any family gathering, functions, reunions, birthday celebration/party and/or holiday, where you’ll have the brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends of the family all together, but in their separate, individualized little cliques. This can also be seen in the workplace at churches, community groups, social groups, political groups, unions and with friends just to name a few, but what I would like to discuss (as what I see) is where it all started from, how and why, within the family unit.

I grew up with seven (7) siblings and then me, which makes it eight (8) children total and then mom and dad, so ten (10) of us all together. What we had as cliques was each two (2) sibling would be the closest to one another and would do everything together, from playing together to getting in trouble together and nobody outside the two (2) in pairs could tell you more or less about one or the other within the pairs. That’s within my immediate family and then you had the cousins, aunts and uncles on both sides of the family, where whenever we would have a family gathering, such as a family reunion, you could see the different cliques within the family and from my view, even within the children (me being one of them) at that time; because of the way my immediate family was raised (in church), we really couldn’t associate to much with our cousin who weren’t in the church, and that was for the most part normal and how I grew up until the age of eighteen (18) and left the church, but by that time I was well aware of and diverse with being in a clique a group of friend with similar self-interest and that’s what I did and sure enough within the group you had cliques and within the clique you had pairs which was all so Familiar coming from my Family. (As a side note) This brings up a realization and a point with the word Familiar. What I see within the word Familiar is the word Family and what I now see/realize/understand is that every time I am Familiar with something, that means I heard, saw and/or learned it, got it from my Family. Wow, so this is a validation that everything we do and or participate in with comfort ability to the point of Familiarity, we get it from our Family, which includes being in a group and unconsciously creating a clique within the group (or consciously depending on how deceitful one is).

A lot of time we don’t realize that we are in a clique within a group or have created a clique within the group, because it just seems so natural and we don’t mean any harm in not realizing what we are doing or have done, we treat everyone the same don’t we? Or do we? This is where Self-Honesty comes into play, where only you and yourself knows your true intentions and the tonality we use when talking with one member of the group to the next. Is it the same? Or is it slightly (barely unnoticeably) different?

If so, then this is an indication that I need to work on myself to not be so partial towards one person or the other, because in the end the person that you’re actually being partial towards is yourself, so in all actuality you’ve been spiting yourself without being aware of what you’re doing.

I was invited to a family birthday party this past weekend, where I experienced the family group setting and watched the different cliques within this extended family formulate, where I became amazed at what I saw as to how I was raised within my own extended family, and had a look back within myself and saw my participation within it and then fast forward throughout my life and the different groups that I participated in and saw the similarity of cliques within each group, and from there I could see where it all stems from and how the Family Unit is the origin of separation of it all.

So within it all, what I realized is that, before you enter into any group and why’ll participating in the group, to make sure that your starting point is that which is best for and standing equal to and one with everyone in the group, that way you don’t find yourself unconsciously unaware of the clique you’ve just created.

This is what I saw within myself.


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