Day 245: Talking About What You Know VS.Talking About What You Live

Talk-aboutTalking about what you know and you think you know it for sure, is what people live for, without an inkling of an idea of what’s really going on.

Talking about what you live is harder than what it seem, especially when there’s change involved from what you use to be.

Talking about what you know is really only what you’ve heard or read, without applying and walking every living word.

Talking about what you live is walking the living words and applying in every moment, that which you just learned.

We talk about what you know when we don’t have nothing to say and the air is extremely thick to what you need is a blade.

We only talk about what we live, when asked a real question and it’s understood as a blessing to be sharing my confession.

In talking about what you know you maintain a lot of friend who validates your excuses to never change in the end. On the other hand;

In talking about what you live, is proof that you really changed, because even if people laugh, you won’t feel any shame, because you’re telling the truth and sometimes it really hurt and they’re laughing to stop the pain, because nothing else really work, so you end up losing your friends, they couldn’t stand the pain from what you said was for real in expressing from which you came.

In a way we all know the truth and it’s not what we think we know, but something that we done veiled and pushed away in the shadow, but it’s still right here, ready for us to face, but instead we walk away and try to leave this place.

Realize that you will face yourself for what you know and what you lived in showing, you can be trusted with live and what you give is not given away out of spite or self-interest, in hoping everything is alright, it don’t work that way, you will pay the price, in consequences, we only have this one life and Self-Forgiveness to help us walk out of this crisis and internal strife and then emerge as life and walk about what you know, as you talk about what you live and all you speak is the truth and live life as a gift.

So if you talk about what you know, and all you do is forgive, then you’re talking about what you live, in which case it’s for real and works together as what you know and what you live goes hand and hand, if you self-honestly forgive and give yourself a chance to live life to that which is best for all life. What I’m telling you is the only real way to make it all right. So Click HERE.


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