Day 241: Manipulation

ManipulationIn grade school and/or in some neighborhood, back in the day, fighting was a pretty big thing, where you would have two young kids with a crowd around them getting ready to fight, which they probably really didn’t want to, but the crowd was around, and in the crowd there would always be this one person who would get them to start fighting by saying the old say: “The Baddest person hit my hand” and whichever one would hit their hand first, they would hit the other person and say: “They hit you” and that would get the fight started. Now within this, is a form of manipulation, where these two kids who didn’t really want to fight was manipulated into fighting and obviously the manipulator would get off scot free, because when the two kid would get sent to the principal’s office and/or get caught by some adults (in the neighborhood), when asked who started it, they would blame each other, instead of the manipulator for really getting it started, and then get it trouble.

Then you have egging someone on as manipulation. This tend to happen mostly at gathering and/or at any kind of party, i.e. (21st Birthday parties), where you would always see the new guy or girl, out for the first time and doesn’t or never drinks and they’re friends sole mission is to get them drunk. The manipulation starts when the group of friends starts chanting shots, shot, shots, shots and the newbies are of course saying no, no, no, but don’t want to be seen as party poopers, plus now, everybody in the place is looking, so when the shots come, the group of friends starts chanting drink, drink, drink, drink and the person again says, no, and then “no I shouldn’t” and then “well, maybe just one drink” and why’ll the newbie is having their first drink, hypothetically speaking (the beginning of their first nightmare) they’re friends is still chanting drink, drink, drink, drink and once the newbie finishes the shot, the crowd erupts in jubilation and shortly thereafter, they start chanting again, but this time they’re saying, “One more round”, “One more round” and the newbie succumbs once again to the manipulation of the group of friends and so on and so forth throughout the night until the person ends up throwing up and/or flat on their face. Now there’s no question where the manipulation comes from, but the interesting thing is, when asked; “Who did this to you” we say; “I did, but they started it” and of course once again the consequence is on us and not the manipulators. (So we think).

Seeing how easy it is to be manipulated within a group setting and on a personal level (coming from one person), we now come to the manipulator, where in looking at the word manipulation, within the breakdown of the word, you’ll see; (MAN-I-PUL –A-TION) meaning “Man I Pulled A Fast One”, which is for the most part is what we think we’re doing, pulling a fast one over on somebody. Not realizing that by being the manipulator we are laying the ground work for being manipulated ourselves. Meaning if we accept ourselves as manipulators and manipulate others, then we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated as well.

Although any and all forms of manipulation are diminishing to ones well-being and human physical body, we have a tendency to not realize when we are manipulating ourselves. Prime example, why’ll walking this process, I’ve come to realize and have become aware of body communication, where I experience short spurts of pain at different times in different places on my body means different things, and so within this, whenever I’m in my mind, I am assisted with a short spurt of pain in a specific spot/location/place on my body, telling me that I am in my mind and when I realize something or have taken the correct approach in doing something, I am then again assisted with a short spurt of pain in a different specific spot/location/place on my body, telling me that my realizations are real or that I have taken the correct approach in doing something. So all and all, I communicate with my body if and when I am going to do something; Ok so self-manipulation, why’ll writing the previous paragraph, a thought came up with the urge to want to go and do something that is not a normal thing for me to do until I finish the writing section of this post, being that my body is aware of me and I’m aware of the assistance my body gives me, for a moment I found myself trying to play off the urge as if it wasn’t a thought that came up in my mind and I followed it around, but continued writing, thinking that my body wouldn’t know that I was waiting for the next moment to pop out and go and do what it was that I wanted to do, and assist me with a short spurt of pain in saying no (so to speak), then I realized, ”Hey wait a minute, I’m writing about what I am doing right now”, self-manipulation, so immediately I took a breath, applied self-forgiveness in the moment, caught my breath and continued writing.

I mean internally self-manipulation can be overlook, because most of us don’t even realize that each thought in itself is a point of self-manipulation, where we manipulate ourselves into believing that we are directing ourselves by thinking, when in fact, it is and have always been, the mind directing us, so to stop what we see as manipulation, as to what we participate in, and around us (externally) in our world and reality, we must first stop manipulating ourselves by thinking; Mean we have to stop ourselves from being directed by the mind and direct ourselves within and as the mind. So, I commit myself to directing myself within and as my mind and no longer accepted and allow my mind to direct me.


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