Day 236: Sleeping and Dreaming

Sleeping-DreamingWe’ve come up with plenty of slogans to validate sleeping, the act of, (or not) such as; “I need my beauty sleep” and “If I don’t get my eight (8) hours of sleep, I’ll be cranky in the morning” and “They/you woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed” and also “Sleep is the cousin to death” which is probably one of the only slogans that makes any sense at all. I’m sure there have been time when you’ve woke someone up and they damn near cursed you out, or you’ve been woke up and became extremely angry at the person for waking you up, let’s say because you was in the middle” of a really good dream; the kind that you wanted to remember and tell others about and receive a “That’s cool” or “That’s crazy” from them as if you really knew what was going on while you we’re sleeping. Some of us think that our dreams are the key to our future, so we ask others “what can you tell me about this dream I had”, and the person on the other end makes up some elaborate opinionate understanding of what they think your dream means and tell you, and we take it and run with it and thus believe it to be real. It’s funny how we also use dreams to get someone to like us or for someone to think that we care about them, so we tell them “Hey I had a dream about you last night” and when they ask what was it all about, we then tell them, all I remember was us being together and then add sex to the equation and if they’re gullible enough that’s what’ll happen, meaning that’s all we ever wanted in the first place, and if it don’t happen that means the game didn’t work. Then you have (why’ll sleeping) being aware that it is a dream and wanting to remember what you dreamed about when you wake up; say for instance, I’ve had a few dreams in my past of the sort, where one was me dreaming about making music and the beat I had made in my dream was hardcore and serious and I knew that I was dreaming, but I tried to remember as much as I could and hurry up and wake up to go duplicate what I had made in my dream, so when I woke up I went straight into my studio to duplicate what I had made in my dream, but it didn’t come out the same. The other one was where, I’ve tried to give my number out to someone in my dream and told them to call me when they woke up, which is one of the biggest illusions there is (thinking that this could happen in your dreams for real) but self-honestly I’ve done that, under the assumption that my dreams were real, which they’re not from that perspective.

I was taught that sleeping was a must have, which started when I was young and wanted to sleep in, instead of going to school, which didn’t happen, sleeping was crucial in that I was taught that without at less eight (8) hours of sleep, I would be tired when I woke up and/or get tired throughout the day, but funny thing is every time I would get eight hours or more of sleep, I would be more tired than anything, so that fact didn’t pan out, another thing was whenever I didn’t like doing something that I had to, I would become sleepy and never knew why. I mean my relationship to sleep pretty much remained the same throughout my life up until my adult hood and that’s when I learned different methods on how to stay awake, which only (in the long run) perpetuated me falling asleep as the downside to the different methods I learned. So all and all I still remained sleep prone and driven in not understanding why we fall asleep, what happens when we fall asleep while we’re sleeping and why and what we dream about.

The other day I read This Article on the Desteni website entitled Jack Self-forgiveness – Sleeping, which put into perspective the entire Sleeping thing and gave me a better understanding on why we sleep and showed me exactly what I have accepted and allowed within myself as in the belief that I required more than 6 hours of sleep and within that, although I am only sleeping six (6) hours now, it assisted in showing me what happens when I sleep, which was a wakeup call in understanding why I think what I do in the mornings and how my thought pattern is related to what happen when I sleep. I suggest having a read.


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