Day 230: Only Because They said so

Only-because-they-said-soWho are you waiting for? Why do we only listen when certain people tell us the same thing that we’ve heard from somebody else and didn’t listen to them for some reason or another, and then turn right back around and say what you’ve just heard (for the second time) to the first person that told us, as if we just came up with it or realized it on your own? I mean really? What make one person more important than the other, when they both have said us the same thing? Is your left arm more important than your right arm? When the left side of your body is telling you something, do you say, “I ain’t listening, because my right side is more important? Or do you even realize that your body is telling you something? I mean I’m sure one can come up with plenty of reason why we don’t listen to one person, but listen to the next and claim them all to be valid, which really in fact none of them are, when you consider the principle of, being mirrored back to yourself you by others, I mean who do you think you are beside both people that told you the same thing. In all actuality, you are what you hear, see, speak and think, so that means everything around you is you, no matter if you like it or not, and it’s not only because they said so, it’s because we already know.

I’ve always had a stigma with certain people telling me things and not listening, but when someone else would tell me the same thing I would listen. Prime example, in a past relationship when my partner would tell me things, I wouldn’t listen or even want to hear what they had to say and that’s when conflict and arguments would come into my relationship, but when I would go and discuss it with a friend and they would tell me the same thing that my partner just told me, only then would I be app to listen and consider what they and my partner had just said to be the truth of things and that I should follow it for the betterment of my relationship. Obviously this didn’t play out too well being that that relationship failed, but a lesson well learnt.

What I realized is that it really doesn’t matter whose telling you what, if the shoe fit wear it, face yourself and correct your application. Enough said.

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