Day 222: Be on Your Best Behavior

Be-on-your-best-behaviorThe question is; how is this possible, being that if you have particular behavior patterns, which one is the best one? Obviously an extensive amount of fear had to be instilled into someone for them to realize the difference between good, bad and your best behavior. In my case this was so, where I knew if I acted in any way what so ever outside of my “best behavior” (my parents behavior) and my parents was told, I was going to get tore up, when I got home. This point of being on my best behavior stuck with me throughout my life up until the point where I began to learn about behaviors, and still at times I find myself being on my best behavior.

What’s interesting is at which times do we chose the best behavior pattern to be on? This also depends on where we’re going, who we’ll be around and the people we’re with, and this is what I call a planned best behavior moment. Now and unplanned best behavior moment is when we unexpectedly come across someone that interest us, where we would adjust our posture, straighten our hair, correct our stance and speak eloquently, now by this time we have mastered being on our best behavior and not even realized or given a second thought to what we are doing and where this “behavior” stems from, all we want to hear is, “you’re so nice and funny” or “I like the way you carry yourself” and toward a women “you’re cute” or “I like you”. I mean hypothetically speaking, if things work out, do you ever think to call you parents and thank them for keeping you on your best behavior? I would say NO, but that’s beside the point. The point is; how is it that any form of behavior is acceptable if there is more than one, meaning there should only be one way of being that is best for all, which should be directed towards and in favor of caring for life always in all ways, but this is not what we do.

Within the sounding of the word behavior, I hear and see, “Be Half of who you REALLY R, meaning that it’s somehow ok to present yourself as who you really are, half the time, as in only during the times of self-interest or in a child’s case being a representative of their parents, hence the phrase; “Be on Your Best Behavior”, because in some way the parent knows that the child will act after what they see and hear the parents do and “this is unacceptable”, because I don’t want the world to see how I really am, so in other words (in unspoken words) ”if you act like me, when you’re around other people, when you get home, you’re going to get it, because I’m too scared to admit, even to you my child, what I should have admitted from the beginning, and that is, that you are a direct copy of me, and only trying to should me the nature within me, of what I have accepted and allowed myself to become, with all my different behavior patterns, so once again, Be on Your Best Behavior. But who says that?

This is why from experience of being a child, that if a child is educated correctly about what they are experiencing within themselves and going through as far as why they are acting a certain way and/or at times behaving a different way, it stops a child (I mean it would have stopped me) from making frivolous mistakes and the child will grow up being one way that is best for all, directed towards and in favor of caring for life always in all ways. Within this I am redefining behavior from that of the aforementioned to; being one way that is best for all, directed towards and in favor of caring for life always in all ways. Do you agree?


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