Day 208: Getting Use to Hell

getting-use-to-hellWhat we have created here on earth is a living hell. Some may say, well you can create your own heaven for yourself if you want, then when you ask them what does this heaven consist of they say, a big house, a nice car, a lot of money and women. And this is what a “heaven” in hell consist of for a lot of people.

Most still don’t realize that we are in hell, which show that we collectively have gotten use to this hell. How is this? First off, we have created this world to be a place of survival, where we have gotten to the point of distancing ourselves from ourselves why’ll living next door to ourselves, in separation, Thinking/perceiving/believing that the person we see in the mirror “has it in for us” per se, your next door neighbors and even the people we call friends and family.

So within this, the first step to getting use to hell is, being born in it, obviously, and from there we’re taught that we have a master whether it’s our parents, older sibling, a church cleric or higher power/being/god of some sort, meaning in essence we’re slaves, although the funny things is that we are never verbally told this, but show the structure of an hierarchy and when we’re of age, we’re set out into the fire (so to speak) in climbing the latter to get to the top of the totem pole where then we can create our heaven (in hell).

In the mean time we put ourselves through stages/levels of comfort ability where we become accustom to disregarding our body, the people around us and life in itself, a state of being/becoming numb to the injustice that is taking place all around us why’ll we watch and say; “Oh well as long as it’s not happening to me then I’m fine and then go and seclude ourselves in our homes and entertain ourselves with television mostly, our favorite show, sports game, movie, video game in sitting around doing nothing, at which time we have Gotten Use to Hell.

Some may think it’s easy but it’s hard as hell to get oneself to change from the comfort ability of what hell has to offer to seeing/realizing/understanding that what we have created/manifested in our world and in ourselves is really messed up, where we get set in our ways and no one can tell us anything different from what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be brainwashed with and become accustom to. We just sit back with a world of excuses validating our Getting use to Hell, why’ll the shit keep falling downhill, earth gets more messed up and our lives fall apart.

It doesn’t have to be this way, for the longest time, not realizing that I was, have been looking for solution to the hell that I had created for myself. Initially I thought, believed and perceived that money would be the catapult that would expel me from this hell into creating a heaven for myself and so that’s what I did, I got money and created a heaven for myself along with the big house, nice car and a women.

This, that I thought was heaven was in fact me getting use to hell in a major way and I did, until I realized that the more I would create/added on to this heaven, the more my life would slip apart slowly but surely, until I woke up and found myself by myself asking myself how did this happen, I mean of course over a period of time and in experiencing my bottom, I came across Desteni/Desteni I Process in which assisted in showing me how to break myself free from this hell that I had gotten so use to, by taking responsibility for what I had created myself/my world and reality to be/become and to self-empower myself, so that I can really live life as who I am and thus my Journey to Life began. So my suggestion is if you want to release yourself from Getting Use to Hell to living life as, who you are click HERE.


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